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03.25.2018 , 02:40 PM | #503
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"We never saw this revamp as being a perfect change out of the gates, but it is a first step for us in crafting an improved Conquest system. Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we can immediately start making changes to get things to a great place. Now that you understand what our goals were, letís talk about the things we are hearing from you."

This is just wrong! I am not a beta tester! WE are NOT YOUR BETA TESTERS!! We pay to play a game that is NOT broken! This whole quote is what is wrong with this game and the dev team as a whole! Every patch should be perfect out of the gate! Every revamp, every new flashpoint, everything should be perfect right out the gate! Fix yourselves before you wreck the game entirely! It is your job to make it perfect before pushing it through to the game!
Thank you! Exactly right!