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But no. You have to do it MANUALLY. You have to pull the mats from whatever bank they're stored into a character's inventory one by one. THEN you can have them swept into the Mats Vault.
This is incorrect. You can move stacks of mats directly from your Inventory, or from your Cargo Bay, or from Legacy Storage, simply by right clicking on the stacks, with the mat tab open** - I've done all 3. They go directly into the mat storage without needing to go through your inventory.

Yes, mats are listed under crafting type... but you have no option how to display them. Instead of the natural way, by Level and Rarity, they are instead... displayed ALPHABETICALLY. So if you want to know how many you have of the Level 8 blue mat, you better remember what it's called.
While somewhat correct, it's not really a big deal. When you go to craft something, the crafting window will, just as before, show you what mats you need and how many you have to craft with.

** Edit - A minor edit - you do have to have the Materials tab "open" to directly put stuff in there by right-clicking. Open the mat tab by clicking on the "diamond" at the left of your Inventory pane.

EDIT #2 - You also have to have "Enable Movable Secondary Window" checked in Interface Editor, to be able to have the Mats tab open while your inventory and Cargo Bay or Legacy Storage is open. Of course, everyone should have that checked on already.

Edit #3 - I just noticed there's a "move all mats" button at the top left of the Inventory window, but I've already moved them all, so I haven't tried it yet.
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