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12.06.2014 , 11:16 PM | #16
Lol. Thanks for the insult. Gotta love people who dislike being confronted with change. Never said replace riposte with one of your abilities. I said, look at the change they made. If you miss you can use it to make up the dps you loss.
I said also, Acc is isn't a prime stat you should be stacking. If you feel Acc is key for Shien/Djem So you're wrong. If you're stacking Acc over Power Strenth Crit or Surge go play a Juyo/Aturu user since they require it.

So many people on these forums using the wrong forms and cry about dps and its know wonder why.

PS. Grand lord who said anything about Focus tree? Post is Vig. Thanks for calling me an idiot.