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Sure, it may seem as if you'd be getting alot more ressources per node now. Until you look at how many you need to craft a single assembly comnponent. Although the old nodes have been nerfed too, so you only get 4-6 per mat every time, that's still enough to build roughly 2,5 assembly components for each draw. Now you can be glad if a pickup pays for even a single one. Have you even thought about that when you set the crafting costs for war supplies? It doesn't matter how much larger the number is you're picking up if the amount of mats needed grew at an even higher rate.
Additionally there's a huge imbalance between the two components, at least in archeology, don't know about the other skills yet, I have 60% more artifacts than I have crystals in a sample size of a few thousand mats, would be nice if you'd get approxiamtly the same, as there's not much you can do with all that surplus, but sell on the GTN, wich doesn't really help with reaching your gathering goals .
I can confirm that Artifact Fragments are a lot more abundant then the Crystals in archeology mats. I have 14k Framgnets for grade 11, and only 10k Crystals.
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