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Updated OP:
  • Fixed the Discharge/Force breach typo (thanks for pointing that out Gelgaroth)
  • Updated personal records for the dummy and added a video to go with it

So I guess I'll add this now. I will not be playing the game any longer come August 15th I think is when my sub runs out. Severity Gaming is no more and I am not enticed by any upcoming content and am also upset with the fact that they pushed the Infiltration buff back even farther. And even before SG died, I barely logged on except for raids and just didn't really enjoy playing as much. I also have real life things going on so it comes at a good time. I'm not going to say I'll never be back, because I just don't know, but as far as I'm concerned right now, it is very unlikely. Sorry if I didn't get back to some people but I just have been busy and haven't had much motivation to do much with regards to this game.

Hopefully Adixia/Aelanis/Civille/Dertygun/Ilnox/leto_cleon will still be playing and I'm sure if they see any questions they'll be more than happy to help. I hope the guide will keep doing its job at least until 3.0 comes out.

Farewell and thanks to everyone who has helped to make this game what it is. Good luck everyone with all your future endeavors.


I certainly hope to see you around in the future, a lot of people are going to lose their idol/goal to beat when you leave. Maybe when you come back, you could come to The Shadowlands?
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