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01.13.2012 , 11:14 AM | #7
You are missing a few ones:

+ In 16 mode sometimes the green dot areas in P1 are invisible to some players ....
+ Sometimes you will arrive in P3 and a mind trap will already be there (while all your group is healthily jumping down the platforms). This will result in one of the members of the group to be instantly snatched into that extra mind trap at the beginning of P3. This wouldn't be so bad if when you destroy the mind trap, the one inside get teleported in another instance of EV... I think this is happenning when more than 100 players are in EV and there is an EV1 and EV2 on-going.

Other than that, as a fellow assassin whose main purpose is to freely roam after lightning balls, I would suggest that you turn nameplates on for every npc - this has solved my problem of invisible balls as their name stays on.