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Quote: Originally Posted by Ryuku-sama View Post
Get the duration. More time under the debuff is better.
Generally correct.

The question was SPECIFICALLY about damage, however. And your choice there is between damage and dps.

Baseline, the thermite deals half the damage upfront and half as damage.

The final upgrade gives you a choice- a 6th tick, at second 18, yielding 20% extra dot damage, or 15% extra dot damage?
(it is 5 to 6, right, not 6 to 7? If it were 6 to 7 it wouldn't change anything, it would be 17% more damage)

So, the lower left option is technically better. As a note, however: If the target lives 17 or less seconds after being struck, the lower left option was the same as choosing nothing at all. Each of the 5 ticks you get with the right option is boosted, after all, and at second 15 your dot has dealt 15% extra damage, while the extra duration dot has dealt 0% extra damage.

I strongly and without hesitation recommend the lower left upgrade- extra duration- because of these reasons, none of which are the extra 5% damage.

> If a target was going to die within those 15 seconds, the magnitude of the dot is not even relevant. Your goal is not to maximize YOUR damage, it's to maximize team points, which are largely based on deaths when discussing the merits of weapons, and the extra 15% dot damage will not make a meaningful impact on that for, say, a target whom it ticks thrice on, killing them, instead of the kill happening at tick 4. Again- the scoreboard is not the game. If your ally gets the kill, that's the same for the team as you getting the kill.
> If a target was NOT going to die within those 15 seconds, an extra three seconds of thermite debuff is impactful. Enemies will often run and stay hidden during a thermite debuff, or get splattered. The 20% shield piercing and 100% armor ignore that the debuff grants are frankly absurd, and I've seen several bombers with charged plating up (thermite totally negates CP during its duration, for everyone) die in the last few seconds of a thermite debuff- without that debuff, they could have stayed alive. The extra duration gets kills and controls enemies- it would be the better option even if the right option were 25% extra damage, and a reasonable choice at around 40%.
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