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I don't recall any proclamations of being the best. Perhaps people just let their imaginations get the better of them and interpreted things differently? The term impossible was actually used in the video not the post as I recalled. I believe the term the guild actually used was overtuned.
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"ENRAGE TIMER is impossible with our current gear (full Underworld)." - <Death and Taxes>
Enkay - 55 Juggernaut, GM
DNT streamer saying "mathematically impossible" who basically trolled everyone who stated otherwise.
Says different. I don't have a horse in this race I don't care. I watched all your attempts on DG and none were flawless nor anything close to the above quotes. Just the "impossible" irked people wrong and the trolling/arrogance members of DnT displayed after.

I'm going to stop posting this thread is already getting derailed anyhow like I mentioned before skip or no skip for S&V bosses best of luck to all.