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Thanks you for sharing this with me! I will practice and work on it. I don't seem to see Voltaic Slash much. Does Lacerate build the charges for Ball Lightning more efficiently than VS does?

I cannot seem to find a good stat priority list other than Dulfy. There is an updated Hatred guide on VULKK. It seems most dps specs aim for similar numbers now. Would I be okay following the Hatred guide on Vulkk for stat crunching?
Tbh I would not suggest going by vulkk guides, generally theyíre not very realisable. I suggest using my numbers or smartyís, Iíll edit this and put the links to both those in when Iím at my pc, for now Iíll just give you a invite to my class guide discord. It has updated guides for all classes/spec for both pub and imp, these guides are also written by people who have cleared the vast majority of PvE content in this game.
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