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i think the shadow stride is a bit strange to use for us who played this spec for a really long time during the "off global era". but if it feels less strange every day getting used to it with those gcd's and it shouldnt be relevant for new players.

prior to opener. 2 x lacerate to gain stacks (for ball lightning, sorry i dont know it's name right now).
recklessness (off global)
vanish (reset recklessness on deception with 6 set boni)
recklessness (off global)
overcharged saber (off global)
prio list

Thanks you for sharing this with me! I will practice and work on it. I don't seem to see Voltaic Slash much. Does Lacerate build the charges for Ball Lightning more efficiently than VS does?

I cannot seem to find a good stat priority list other than Dulfy. There is an updated Hatred guide on VULKK. It seems most dps specs aim for similar numbers now. Would I be okay following the Hatred guide on Vulkk for stat crunching?