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Jaek's guide is still completely relevant only real difference is they royally screwed up shadow stride.
i think the shadow stride is a bit strange to use for us who played this spec for a really long time during the "off global era". but if it feels less strange every day getting used to it with those gcd's and it shouldnt be relevant for new players.

Quote: Originally Posted by rossonja View Post
I've also just returned and trying to relearn the spec. I'm 65 and going to finish KotET and KofFE to level to 70 and catch up. I read your priority system and the Dulfy guide. I was hoping you coukd share with me a good opener granted that things proc and buff properly (i e., From Stealth: Phantom Stride *once I get it*>Spike>Assassinate*once i talent spec*>). That's about my current understanding, but I would like further explanation for if that opener is best or not and what woukd come next until you go back to the priority system.

prior to opener. 2 x lacerate to gain stacks (for ball lightning, sorry i dont know it's name right now).
recklessness (off global)
vanish (reset recklessness on deception with 6 set boni)
recklessness (off global)
overcharged saber (off global)
prio list
Seven Stuck - Hakuna Rakata
Final Tauntaun

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