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There's not set rotation, but a priority system.

The simple ways is Discharge at 3 stacks > Ball Lightning > Assassinate > Maul (under duplicity)> Voltaic Slash > Saber Strike.
This is a simple version and there's a little more depth to it in reality, but since you're still learning the game it's best you master the basics before diving into the little trics.

A few things to note :
- Never ever use Maul without Duplicity. It costs almost half your force bar and is not sustainable.
- Maintain your stacks of Voltage at all cost. They last 15" so it should be too difficult, but maintaining them is primordial to building Discharge stacks with Ball Lightning.
- Use Force Cloak to chop 1' off of Recklessness CD

If you want to dive deeply in Deception, there's a guide on Dulfy. It's a tiny bit outdated, but most of it hasn't changed, just some details
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