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It's not about the nerf as per say it's about how they achieve it thus why most sane players want new content because first of all that is what they're paying for and I honestly don't blame also wonder why they're doing these nerfs and how it has come to this?

So I'll just drop this here...

Classes are coming out untested and are "over performing ".
This leads to nerfing, which ends up with your customers being unhappy.
Instead you should be aiming towards classes "under performing" and then figure out how you need to buff them which makes the customers happy!
Two different approaches to the same problem but how you achieve it makes a world of difference.
Again, I agree with using a different approach, there are other ways, possibly a bit complex but still, that would have ensured we had the same result with more difficult content but while at the same time ensuring players are seeing the same numbers. Buffing the underperforming classes and at the same time buffing bosses HP; the damage deal and other aspects of content even more.

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