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Maybe there are some shortcomings in your rotation that you should adjust, it's naturally difficult to play one class to its full potential, very few players can do multiple classes.

In my mind, and I think most Nightmare players would agree, all classes were overperforming heavily and often not excelling at what they were supposed to be the best at, such as MM not having the best burst (with the Viru nerf this is now adjusted), Carnage having the best sustain (Annihilation is now superior), Arsenal being the best at both bursts and sustain (now only good burst) and Sorcerer being able to solo heal several Nightmare fights.

In my opinion, some nerf can be seen as a bit harsh, and I understand that you are emotionally invested in this class and thus unable to see the bigger picture, but these class changes do make sense based on their target DPS and category strategy. Now that does not mean this is the approach I would prefer, I would rather see an HP/Damage on bosses so the result would be the same but players would see the same numbers (people focus a lot on numbers and often forget the bigger picture).

Now, I realize most of these comments are wasted on a tunnel vision focused community such as the Assassin/Shadow, but I am sure that following these readjustments and as you realize that doing 9.3k instead of 9.8k still is more than enough for all content, you will know that I was right.
It's not about the nerf as per say it's about how they achieve it.
Most sane players want new content first of all because that is what they're paying for and I honestly don't blame them. Some also wonder why they're doing these nerfs and how it has come to this?

So I'll just drop this here...

Classes are coming out untested and are "over performing ".
This leads to nerfing, which ends up with your customers being unhappy.
Instead you should be aiming towards classes "under performing" and then figure out how you need to buff them which makes the customers happy!
Two different approaches to the same problem but how you achieve it makes a world of difference.