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12.01.2020 , 01:54 AM | #14
Auto crit lance and gore would really help, but I think the whole class needs help.
Force crush immunity should be removed and baked into cloak of pain, while blood ward gets reworked.
3minute CD for saber ward is rough and it's really not that good anymore comparing to other defensives.
it'd remove the 'fury has cc immunity' thing because all 3 could have it.
It could be baked into cloak of pain with blood ward utility giving some healing also on cloak of pain.
This would be incredible for the class as most classes have some sort of healing that's far more effective than any source of marauder healing.

Also, it'd just be nice to see saber ward reworked or mad more useful, as it's also a thing for juggernaut.

But, if you are looking for help I am happy to give it. You may like this video or some of my others, this one is talking about the last change to combat/carnage 6 months ago.