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Maybe they should make the NFL a touch-football league as well. If that sounds harsh, it's not meant to be. I just don't get why people seem to think a choice in entertainment should cater to their specific needs. If it doesn't, there's about a billion other things in life for you to go enjoy.

My brother is borderline autistic. He doesn't ask the World Chess Federation to make chess easier so he can play.
I didn't realize MMOs were a sport.

It's funny you should mention chess. I have a cousin who plays chess competitively. He's damn good at it. But he has cerebral palsy. He doesn't have the manual dexterity to pick up a chess piece and move it without knocking other pieces over and ruining the game. So in tournament games, he has an assistant - he calls out the move he wants to make, and the assistant moves the piece and records the move on his scoresheet.

Does that "make chess easier"? Technically, I suppose. But no chess player in their right mind would argue that it matters. Chess is a game of the mind, and the board is only a physical representation of it - the real skill being challenged in chess is not in moving the pieces, but in deciding where to move them.

MMOs are, similarly, games of the mind. They're not about pushing buttons. They're about deciding which button to push. There are computer games - FPSs - that are actually in part about pushing buttons, that actually pit opponents against each other in a test of hand-eye coordination and speed. But MMOs aren't like that. They're throttled by the GCD, and the combat mechanics are handled by RNG and stats rather than player aim, in a deliberate effort to remove most of the player's hand-eye coordination and latency from the equation. They're much more like chess than like football. At their core, they're really math games.

And if you want to make a mental game fair, challenging, fun, and engaging, you start by removing unnecessary physical obstacles - especially those that don't affect all players equally.

If you think of that as 'dumbing down the game,' then you're asserting that hand-eye coordination is the key MMO gaming skill. And if you believe that, you're not only probably a bad healer (because you don't understand the real game) - you probably also have terrible hand-eye coordination. You have to be almost as bad as me with my injuries in order to find any challenge whatsoever in MMO combat. You would be awful at a game that actually is about hand-eye coordination. I used to play shooters, and I would have eaten you for breakfast if you played at a level where you thought clicking a mouse on a 1/2-inch-square static box every 1.5 seconds was "skill."