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There is another side to this though. Sure, you can sell items for much less, but think about why you are selling it. The main reason to have money in this game, is to buy stuff from the GTN. I mean you could go nuts on your personal guild with flagship a bit but beyond that you don't need that much in credits to play this game.
No, my comment about being able to list for 20% was directed at the absurdity of saying that a "market controller" *forces* me to sell at a high price. Nothing can force me to do that. If I want to list Senya's Lightsaber for one credit, I will. (OK, no, I wouldn't, but that's not the point here. I *can* and the market controller cannot stop me doing it.)

What the market controller does is force people who want the item to *buy* at a high price or do without. Or take their chances on real CM packs, or get out there and gather their own crafting materials, or whatever.
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