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Filler chapter but the conversation had to happen.

Scene III

Dr. Eckard Lokin sat at his computer terminal totally engrossed by the readouts flowing across the screen. He was unaware that Vector had entered until he heard someone clear their throat behind him.

“We require a few moments of your time, Dr. Lokin. It is important.”

“Of course my boy, come in. I was just running some simulations and I can check the data later. So, what can I do for you?”

Vector walked further into the med bay and closed the door behind him.

“It is about Rey’elle. We have noticed changes in her in the past few months and are concerned. She is distracted, she hardly eats and she has dreams that awaken her night after night. She is not being truthful with us. Something is going on that she refuses to share and we are at a loss as to what we can do.”

“Hmm, yes I see. I have noticed some changes as well, but attributed them to what she has been through. The mind control, the torture, the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence and becoming a free agent. None of us know for sure if she still works solely for the Empire or if her loyalties are divided. It can be a stressful lifestyle.”

Vector frowned, “Her loyalties are not in question here Dr. Lokin. No. This goes beyond the profession or the state secrets she keeps. There is something gnawing away at her very essence. We see subtle changes in her aura. The edges are fraying and it is less bright. She functions, she works, she goes about her daily routine but it is like she is sleepwalking much of the time.”

“I see. Not to be intrusive, but what about your intimate moments?”

Vector seemed hesitant to reply at first but finally responded with a resigned sigh, “she is, hmm, how can we say this, engaged when we make love. We…. I, have learned where she likes to be touched, kissed and know her moods whether playful, spontaneous or serious. Although, in truth, the playful or spontaneous encounters have become almost nonexistent. Sometimes it is so intense, she is so intense it is like she is trying to devour us and always there is the feeling that she is waiting for something. We, do not know what it could be.”

Dr. Lokin rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “and when would you say this all began? Was it after Corellia and her capture and torture? That could explain some things. Or perhaps earlier when she discovered and finally broke the mind control? Perhaps some residual effect of having Watcher-X in her mind? Or maybe after she confronted that Jedi, Arden Kothe? Could be some sort of new mind trick, I wouldn’t put it past a Jedi.”

Vector gave pause to think and finally said, “It was before Corellia. And during the time of her mind control we were just starting to become close. We had only shared a kiss or two. We do not believe it was the confrontation with Arden Kothe, although she let him live and we believe he does contact her from time to time. Hmph, loyalties indeed, now that we think on it, but that is beside the point. We stand at her side no matter what. No, it was Voss, definitely Voss. She changed during the search there for information on the Shining Man.”

Vector continued, recounting what transpired on Voss. “We journeyed into the Nightmare Lands and into the Dark Heart. We confronted a Gormak, but it was before that.”

His eyes widened with the realization that it was after the marriage. “It was after she spent the night with that thrice damned Phi-ton. He did something to her. Drugged her, something. We don’t know.”

For the first time since the joining, Vector felt such a rush of anger and jealousy that he lost all sense of control. He slammed his fist down on one of the experiment tables so hard that he felt the pain reverberate up his arm. He heard the instruments metallic clank as they fell back into place. His chest was so tight he could hardly breathe, like he was drowning in some dark morass. He felt the hive recoil at this strong, new emotion and fought his way back to calmness. He could not lose the hive and he would not lose her.

“We are Dawn Herald”, he chanted over and over again until at last his vision cleared and he could take deep breaths. He reached out again to the hive and they were there with reassurance and comfort. His sense of relief and gratitude was immeasurable.

“So now you know. What do you intend to do about it?” Lokin queried.

“We are not sure, but it is a starting place. We need time to digest this revelation. We must move with care or run the risk of losing her entirely. That is something we could not bear, it would destroy us. For the first time….. I consider murder but I fear that would only fuel her destruction and mine. Thank you, my friend. Your counsel, as always, is invaluable and we can count on your discretion, yes?”

“Rest assured, my boy. And my assistance is at your disposal should you require it.”

The med bay door slid open and Kaliyo Djannis entered just as Vector rushed past her.

“Hey Vector. You look like you just swallowed a bug,” she jibed.

“Wow Lokie, I thought you were gonna have to go all rakghoul on his arse for a moment there. What’s with all the clatter and look at the size of that dent in your table.”

“What is it Kaliyo? I have some data to collate.”

“I just thought that you and bug boy would want to know that the Agent just got a private holo vid and she is hell bent on something. Yep, we just jumped into hyperspace and I have no idea where we are going. Whatever is going on, she’s not sharing, with any of us, including her bed bug. She really has been off lately. Come on, spill what you know."

"I wish I did know, Kaliyo. I truly wish I did"

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