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My god Misha, that was breathtaking! So beautifully written. I loved it. Your Vector was amazing. And though I personally hated the Voss, the way you wrote them...with such gave them a humanity I always felt they lacked. They seemed so much like real people you could relate to, unlike the way I found them to be in the game. Though to be fair, the Voss in the agent story were more interesting to me than the others I encountered. I'm worried for Vector and for Rey'elle. Your so charming. *gushes*

Very nicely done, just lovely. I look forward to the next parts. I'm really happy that you took my encouragement to heart. Thank you ^^.
Oh wow. I never expected a response so soon, especially a good review from such a popular writer such as yourself. I am inspired now to keep on adding to the story. Thank you so very much. I still have a lot to learn such as time bridging and such, but I think that will come with practice. Also, the Voss have always been such an enigma to me and so alien that I could take some liberties in areas that have not been explored, such as their personal lives. I figured there had to be more to them, so I took it there. Thanks again for your very kind words.