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So, this is my first foray into story telling. I have long been intrigued by Voss and yep, one of my fem agents actually went all the way for the marriage. The conversations may be trite, the love scenes a bit risqué but not graphic and the imagery a bit lacking. But I hope you enjoy the read anyway. Thanks to Lunafox for the encouragement. Criticisms are welcome, but please be constructive, if not kind. Ok, holding breath, taking the plunge.

Forget me, Remember Voss

Scene I

Phi-ton sat in a corner of the tea house deep in thought. He had the dream again last night and he could not get it out of his head. She was there again, she was always there and the image haunted him more than he could express.

"Why did you have to come to my world? Why did you have to make me love you? Why did you leave and where are you now?", he muttered under his breath.

He did not notice his sister Yana-ton walk over to his table until she reached out to refill his cup.

"What troubles you Phi-ton? Is it the dream again?"

He slowly nodded his head lowering his eyes as if he could not bear to look at her.

"The dream is not a Mystic's dream, Phi, nor is it a vision and it has no meaning. It cannot be interpreted and does not serve Voss. It is merely a remnant of something best forgotten. Can you not let it and her go?"

He raised his eyes finally to look at her. "I would rip this memory from my mind if I could. But it is not just of the mind. My hands remember, my lips remember, my whole body remembers. You know how this works with us, Yana. It was a feeling so profound and intense that I wanted to weep. It binds us forever, me to her and her to me. I fear that I will never feel that way again in my lifetime."

Phi-ton again lowered his gaze.

"We Voss, are taught responsibility first. Responsibility to Voss, to family to tradition and faith. We are taught to retain dignity in all situations and to suppress our passions until the rite of Ardor after marriage. She released those passions in me as no woman of Voss ever could," he said almost bitterly.

Yana-ton asked carefully, "How can you be sure?" You have never been with a woman of Voss."

"I just know," he sighed. "I just know."

"You could request the Mystics break the marriage. You could go to the shrine and ask for the healing. Perhaps you would be free to have another wife and maybe children? Surely this is something you would desire, is it not, Phi?" Yana inquired.

Phi-ton countered, "and what? Lose the special dispensation given to the family by the Three? Upon her request, I might add. Uncle would no longer be able to teach, you would no longer be able to greet and converse with outsiders. Our family has been elevated to a better station due to our union. We would revert to lowly tea house owners again. I could never do that to you or Uncle Therod. Besides, there is no guarantee that the healing would even work. Not for her, not for me. I desire only her, always her so the battle is already lost."

He shoved himself up from the table, almost knocking over the tea cup. "I have to get some air. I feel like I am suffocating."

He turned to Yana-ton slowly as he walked toward the door, "It has already begun. The bond is there, she now dreams of me. I can feel it."

Rey’elle stood gazing out the front window of the cockpit, her back rigid and expression blank, deep in her own counsel. Vector Hyluss walked up behind her quietly and wrapped his arms around her waist, laying his chin on the top of her head. She briefly started then leaned back into his body with a heavy sigh.

“Where are your thoughts, my love? You seem so far away of late. Tell us what troubles you so that we may share your burden,” he said softly.

She turned to face him, never breaking the circle of his embrace and raised her face to place a soft kiss on his mouth. She pulled back slightly to stare into his eyes, his wonderfully bottomless eyes and suddenly saw a myriad of orange and red and yellow swirls whirling so fast it made her dizzy. She closed her eyes and felt his strength steady her until the spinning stopped and her hammering heart had time to slow. She breathed deeply and leaned against his chest.

“Your aura changes now, we notice a slight dimming around the edges and we are concerned. We have never seen you affected in this way. We will stand with you no matter what but require understanding as to this odd malady. We know about the dreams that wake you up in the night and that they are coming more frequently. We sometimes feel that we are losing some part of you that we will never get back. Please, let us help”, he implored.

Rey’ells thoughts churned in her head:

How could she tell him that she had not been the same since sharing Ardor with Phi-ton on Voss? The marriage was necessary to complete the mission, Vector even encouraged it. Seduction had been part of her training, sex was just another tool to be used until she met Vector. Love changed all that. She had not even looked at another man until that night on Voss. Vector knew she would use all the tools at her disposal and this was necessary. The mission was too important. She was the first outsider to bed a Voss as far as she knew and she had selfishly wanted the experience. She could have said no, but it was only one night, what was the harm? If anything Vector had only seemed curious and jealousy was unheard of in the nest. But this was not something she could share with him, not now, not ever. It felt too much like a betrayal. This was a mistake she could never undo and it was tearing her apart.

“It is just the old nightmares about Watcher-X and all the mind control. Sometimes I can see Hunter’s face again, or hear Watcher-X’s voice. They will fade in time I am sure, do not concern yourself, this is a demon I must fight on my own,” she said softly.

“You will tell us when you are ready. We offer support and love until this passes. But know that the frost is less crisp now and the spices are slightly bitter. We are yours, always,” he whispered against her hair as he held her close.

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