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I mean, I started going to warzones when the game was launched up and I was like, okay this is neat, I manage to global that I decided to stick to questing and mastering the credits...I come back into the field to find myself constantly surrounded by 50's in top notch gear, mainly sorcs and operative, just laughing away at my ticklish hits xD
Well, did you honestly expect it to be different now that you're level 37 and you're trying to blow up well geared 50's? When you played at launch you were going up against opponents that were equal level and geared or lower. For the most part it seems like you play the spec right but without actually seeing how you play firsthand it'd be hard for anyone to point out any technique flaws. You just have to try and close the level and gear gap because it does make a huge difference, whether we all want to admit it or not. You will still be able to make easy work of an equally leveled and geared opponent but you cannot expect to steamroll a max leveled, well geared opponent at your level.

It will get better once you're 50. That is one positive you can go away from this thread with, you just have to keep your expectations in the realistic zone until you're to the level of said competition.