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I wouldn't call it okay, at this point the only time it's worth anything is if you crit on a g9 tech mission. Sending someone for a box and the mission costs 3k and comes back with a box that only gives you 1500 creds isn't what I'd call okay.

They need to boost the credit gain back up, I'd be happy if the missions gave me 500 credit profit instead of losing out on 1500. Hell the change to boxes even nerfed quest credit boxes(a bounty hunter mission on hutta gave you a box that used to give between 400-600 credits, now only gives you 25-56)
I made a boat-load of credits this weekend by buying Slicing 450 missions and selling thermal regulators. If you are just relying on lockboxes to generate credits you're doing it wrong. Lockboxes are just there to help offset the cost of leveling the profession.

None of the professions generate an innate profit, you have to resell your goods on the market. Why should slicing be any different?