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Hey folks,

I thought it would be helpful to make a post covering all of the information I could think of around Solo mode Forged Alliances. There can be some confusion getting into them, especially if something disrupts you part way through. Here is some advice to help get you through!

Things to note to access solo mode:
  • If you have already completed Forged Alliances in full, you cannot access solo mode in 3.0.
  • You can only complete each Flashpoint in solo mode, only one time, per character.
  • You must have the Mission "Prelude to Shadow of Revan" in order to access solo mode. You get this Mission from a terminal on your ship.
  • As a part of solo mode, you must enter the Flashpoint directly, you cannot use Group Finder.
  • Once in the Flashpoint, you will have [SOLO] in front of that mission to know you are all set. You should click the icon next to the Mission in your Mission Tracker to summon a special droid companion to help you (the key to solo mode!)

I started into solo mode Forged Alliances, but something happened and now I can't access it.
Try the following steps:
  • If you are not in a group, the phase door will appear purple if you are in solo mode.
  • If you are not, reset the instance and try going back in. If that doesn't work...
  • Talk to the droid/person outside of the Flashpoint and see if they have a quest to offer.
  • If they do, you should be able to start the Flashpoint in solo mode.
  • If you cannot, try abandoning the quest for just the Flashpoint (not the prelude) and then try talking to that NPC to accept solo mode.
  • If that does not work, abandon the Prelude and the Flashpoint quest. Go back to your ship reaccept the Prelude, go to the Flashpoint and talk to the NPC. He should be able to grant you solo mode.
Hopefully these tips should get you back on the correct path of being able to run solo mode Forge Alliances!

I'd love to try this right now but I'd have to log out again before being able to finish it so I might as well wait haha. Thanks Eric, I'll let you know how it goes when I do get around to it.
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