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Iím not gonna pretend to know how hard it is and what it takes to add these things into the game. But whenever they add a new expansion they have to make new cutscenes, dialogues for the new characters and planets. On top of that they have to create a cinematic. Oh and the new quests. So I guess I donít see that after all the hard work, time, and money and hours put into these expansions and what not that they canít add a new class. I really think they need to pull something out of their butt to bring people back. Idk If rumors are true or false but if we do lose this game there probably wonít be another Star Wars mmo. At least for a long time and I canít handle that lol. I donít wanna see this game go down. And and space classes and story. Remake JTL LOL. Idk how many times Iíve said that lol. Rebel and imp Ace pilots and bomber class. Oh yeah baby. Space classes that would be awesome.
OK, so let's look at some of the "from the outside" obvious visible / audible artifacts related to a "new class", but we'll add it properly, with a balanced pair (one Imp, one Pub) and two paired advanced classes that you can actually play.

We won't touch the question of a third faction for this analysis. What do we, as players, see?
* New options on the character creation screen. This is the least onerous part of the whole puzzle.
* Six new voicings per faction of all shared "character-spoken" content (three languages and two sexes per faction(1))
* Two new character stories written and voiced with six voices per story (three languages, two sexes).
* Ten new companion stories written and voiced, with some "off-ship" missionnettes similar to the ones we already have in the existing classes.
* Three new ability sets per faction (base, advanced 1, advanced 2) with three disciplines each. That's one set of "raw numbers" abilities and two faction-specific naming and animation sets multiplied up by three disciplines etc.
* A pile of balancing work to make them work correctly in PvP. Well, several piles as people discover how to make them work or not work
* Rework of loot tables on every single planet so that the new classes would be correctly reflected.
* New Command Crate and other gear vendors on the Fleet.

(1) No, recording the new classes' lines only in English is not a reasonable expectation. Besides, there are places where NPC responses depend on the player's class(2), and they would need to be fixed up for a new class.(3)

(2) Example: in the beginning of Prelude to Revan/Forged Alliances, Lana Beniko addresses the character in a way that's appropriate to the character's class: "Dark Lord", "Wrath", etc.

(3) By all accounts, the "vanilla" parts of the game are a tangled mess of tangled tangledness, and modifying them is ... fraught ... at best.

*Some* of those things can be mitigated by making the new classes some sort of equivalent of "Death Knights", that is, a start-at-50 (?more likely start-at-60 straight into KotFE) class that doesn't have any interactions with the oldest content. Quite how it would work with e.g. pre-SoR Flashpoints (and even the SoR ones, frankly) is another question, and not one that's easy to answer. Overall, I think that any "mitigating" aspects would be outweighed by the "lameness" aspect. Do we really want a new class that is barred from at least 3/4 of the game's content?

A different list of things can be mitigated by making the new classes into mirrors of existing classes. If the new Impside class was "Imperial Trooper" and was an exact mirror of the current Trooper, right down to the weapons used, the names of the abilities, and so on, and the new Pubside class was an SIS Agent (with a similar relationship to "Imperial Agent", none of the "new class ability" aspects would be necessary. However, you'd still need all the class-specific dialogues, companion stories, voices, and so on, and ultimately, those are the expensive part anyway.

No, I think the "new class" ship has sailed, never to return.

Sure, I know, GW2 added a new class (Revenant) with the Heart of Thorns expansion, but there's no "per-class" dialogue anywhere in GW2. The equivalent pain point in GW2 is "race", what SWTOR calls "species", and we note in passing that GW2 has not added new races, and in fact only one new class.
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