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Iím not gonna pretend to know how hard it is and what it takes to add these things into the game. But whenever they add a new expansion they have to make new cutscenes, dialogues for the new characters and planets. On top of that they have to create a cinematic. Oh and the new quests. So I guess I donít see that after all the hard work, time, and money and hours put into these expansions and what not that they canít add a new class. I really think they need to pull something out of their butt to bring people back. Idk If rumors are true or false but if we do lose this game there probably wonít be another Star Wars mmo. At least for a long time and I canít handle that lol. I donít wanna see this game go down. And and space classes and story. Remake JTL LOL. Idk how many times Iíve said that lol. Rebel and imp Ace pilots and bomber class. Oh yeah baby. Space classes that would be awesome.
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