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While I do like some of the improvements, such as weathering effects on statues, many of them I don't like.
For example, too many decorations now have sound FX, making many of my rooms an unpleasant cacophony of buzzing, beeping, humming, and chirping.

I also don't understand making upgrades nobody requested in the forums, while not fixing outstanding bugs.
Especially bugs that stop people from using decorations they paid real money (Cartel Coins) to get.

Valid point. Also some times ambient noise or sounds should have a separate "adjustment" in S/H perhaps separate from normal in game ambient sounds... All too frequently it's personal taste. And as such "making personal adjustments" might be a good thing !!

I believe that someone in another thread requested that the outside noise of traffic on the Coruscant was overwhelming. Frankly it can be. IMO .. when inside the building the sound should be a bit less while inside of the SH. Perhaps that should be another suggestion is that "ambient" sounds IN STRONG HOLDS be "adjustable" ???

The over all shadowing and lighting affects are fine: particularly the new ones !!

Bug squashing is always a good solid step to ensure better customer relations in any game .. or company who deals with productions / products. It's just good common sense.

I'm glad that BW has addressed several SH bugs in the past. I sincerely hope that they continue to strive for the highest possible mark in future Strong Holds

Which brings me back to the start of this thread. I really am looking forward to the possibilities.

I was just thinking this evening what it would be like to log in and show up in a SH that is a space station with a domed room observation deck. If done correctly that should be an absolutely breath taking view. Yes it would be a real challenge for the 3-D graphics designers but WOW !! what a view !!

Schussing down the snow covered mountain side and a tram ride back to a beautiful chalet Oh yeah !!

What ?? You thought I'd pass up another chance like this for another plug ???