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Does lightning produce a great deal of kinetic energy? Not much. Of course in his duel against Sidious Yoda's lightsaber was literally blasted out of his hand by the sheer force of the attack.
Well, yes. Lightning does indeed produce kinetic energy (at least lightning in thunder storms does) . Just look at a tree that has been struck by lightning and how far scattered you will find branches and wood pieces.
What happens during lightning strikes is, that the gas atoms are being ionized by the electric field and become charged. This charged particles are then subject to a force that is proportional to the field intensity of the electric field and are accelerated. This flux of charged particles is the carrier of the electric current in the lightning, and as these particles have mass, they indeed carry kinetic energy proportional to their mass and velocity. And as seen by exploding tree trunks, that energy can be substantial. It is literally a plasma shot.

Anyway, I was not referring to lightning when I was talking about kinetic energy, I was talking about deflecting blaster shots, should have made this more clear. I was thinking how much energy the Lightsaber itself could absorb - without taking into account the strength/endurance of the wielder, which I guess is lower than what the Saber can take.