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Thanks @Beny for digging up the part about Cortosis.

Also good theory on lightning - blocking!

What I was talking about earlier is the lightsaber as a mind focus. Maybe I should further explain what I do mean: I always think that the Lightsaber is also a kind of talisman to the Jedi. A thing that helps them concentrate. The familiar feeling of the hilt on the palm, the buzzing sound as it should be ... I think these are all things that help the Jedi to feel comfortable, to reach inner balance so to speak. It's not something physical, nor do I think about it as an emanation of the Force. It's something psychological but yet still very important.

Also to come back to the question how much a Lightsaber can block:
Yes, a Jedi has enhanced strength and durability due to their connection to the force, but I still think there a physiological limits to what amount of kinetic energy a humanoid body can absorb. I would guess that a Lightsaber can take more than this limit, but is stated somewhere were the physical limits of a Lightsaber are?

And to pick up on another thread of thought from this discussion:
Knowing that the Rakata used force-imbued technology, I think it very likely that Lightsaber technology inherited quite some Rakata tech, but I have to admit I know nothing about it. Is there some hint somewhere this is in fact the case, or is this pure speculation?