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Mmmm few hundred rakata grenades at 60K+ each last I checked. 12 million for those alone heh.
I would not count your grenades before they pop. My companion with 10,000 affection now has 10,000 influence and had only 240,000 points to go. I gave her a top notch purple gift and got 400 influence points for it. That, counting on my fingers and toes, leaves only 599 more gifts to get to 250,000.

I am not sure how many people are going to pay 60K a pop for 600 items to max out one companions affection.

Better get them up for sale before people catch on.

PS - I squirlled away a full cargo hold of stacks of companion gifts in anticipation of the expansion. They are probably worth doo dah now and the full cargo hold of stacks will be needed to gin up a few of my companions.