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One question though - does the gift type still affect the amount of influence? e.g. some comps prefer certain gifts? This was what generaly made the rakata grenade popular I believe as it had most companions that got max influence from it?
As near as I can tell, each companion has the same relative affection gains as before.

I did only check one companion (M1-4X), but he had a large affection gain on Republic Memorabilia, with the tooltip stating moderate-to-no influence gain on the rest.

Unique Rakata Grenades briefly hit 100k each on Shadowlands, but they've since dropped down to 80K. Last time I checked pre 4.0 they were sitting at 60K. So if there's going to be a gift boom, it hasn't really happened yet.

I suppose it's possible that there's just an excess of inventory at the moment, and once people consume the gifts things will change? It certainly takes an epic-metric-crap-ton of gifts to get even halfway to max on a single companion -- but I wonder how many people will be put off by the idea of grinding to 250,000 and just not bother.