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I missed this at first, but there is a THIRD vendor, off to the side that will accept fragments in exchange for gifts. This is different from the one that accepts Common Data Crystals in exchange for gifts.


There is a 1:1 exchange rate of fragments to gifts. It used to be 8 fragments = 1 gift.

I'm so freaking glad I ran so many Treasure Hunting Missions over the last 2 weeks! Holy crap! I guessed right!?!?

Lol sweet, I have a few stacks of those saved up in addition to all my gifts. Better get in quick before they change it lol.

One question though - does the gift type still affect the amount of influence? e.g. some comps prefer certain gifts? This was what generaly made the rakata grenade popular I believe as it had most companions that got max influence from it?

Mmmm few hundred rakata grenades at 60K+ each last I checked. 12 million for those alone heh.