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Yes, defense remains to be the last priority.

I don't really like the idea of dropping flame surge as FS gives us good team utility with combust and firestorm. Having 2 free aoe slow and damage debuff is a must for PT tanks if you are main tanking. Supercharged Ion Gas also gives you aoe slow from IGC procs thru RS, which is another form of utility. If you have read my guide, i prioritized in this order to increase my PT's effectiveness in PvP: tankiness>utility>damage. Damage is the last thing that we want to do as a main tank.

Crafted implants are considered BiS in pvp, however having that advantage in rwzs are frowned upon by pvpers and i also believe in fair play and prefer the non-bolstered pvp gear.
Thanks for the clarification about Supercharged.
For Static Surge being energy management, Ill stay with 2 p elsewhere.
Veracity is BiS but there is a 900 hp and 102 abs loss if both are used.