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Have you done the math for the ion/heavy? I have not. Have you tried it out yet, and compared it to the piledriver yet?
The nice thing about the piledriver setup when leading with HLCs is that you don't drop any HLC shots compared to just using HLCs, so the big worry, Ion to hull, isn't really a loss of anything other than weapon energy if it happens.

For shields that are up, at a range of a bit more than 4.5 km, Ion gains about 230 damage per shot over Quads, and then loses in the vicinity of 270 per shot if it hits bare hull.

Total possible gain is about 460 damage for 1/2 sec piledriver, 700 or so for 1 sec piledriver, against a target that's heavily shielded.

Against a target with shields down it basically just turns into a horrifically energy inefficient version of HLCs.

Assuming the shields are full at the start and all your shots land:

For targets with less than 400 to 430 shield points Ion piledriver is a complete waste of energy.
For targets with less than 1500 shield points in the arc it will waste some energy.
For targets with at least 1500 shield points a 1/2 s Ion Piledriver is a dps gain over Piledriver until the shields are down.
For targets with around 3000 shield points a 1 s Ion Piledriver is a dps gain over Piledriver until the shield goes down.

In the cases where Ion is a DPS gain on shields it takes two or three Quads shots to catch up and/or exceed with damage to the hull.

The regular piledriver should be superior vs low shield targets and against high hull targets, ion piledriver has an edge against targets combining high shield with low to moderate hull and against targets that move before you finish the hull portion of the piledriver.

TLDR version: Ion piledriver for full shield feedback and directional gunships, maybe for jousting strikes, Quad piledriver for everything else. Also if you make a habit of hunting for wounded hulls Ion picks up utility because Quads don't have as much time to catch up on hull damage.
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