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It's more complex than that- for instance, you would probably prefer to land two ions and a heavy versus one ion and one heavy, regardless of their shield state, especially if the heavy will fire at the same time in both cases. Maybe someone will do that kind of analysis on the fly and have good results.
I'm not sure it really needs extra complexity.

The technique is already a bit niche in that the target needs to be pretty much centered and not moving across your field of view in order to prevent reticle jump.

So within that, knowing that you're basically finding a way to more or less use both primary weapons at the same time for the duration of the piledriver, it's just a matter of knowing more or less how much shield strength the target has.

For a scout or most gunships you'd probably use a half second piledriver before sticking with HLCs, for a heavily shielded target stationary or jousting a directional strike you'd go for the full one second rotation. Basically gets you the equivalent of 1.5 or so the amount of time on target plus a bit of possible shield piercing compared to just stripping the shields with Ions alone.

I take the view, at least for myself, that pilot limitations are going to prevent true optimization in practice, so knowing either "normal shields" or "lots of shields" to get in either 2 extra shots or 3 extra shots is going to cover the vast majority of combat encounters where this is usable. For extreme ticking targets running optimization out to two seconds might provide a modest gain, but it's not common enough for me to think it's really worth knowing past a decision tree for either a half or full Ion Piledriver.

The more interesting question is that now that we may have moves called the Piledriver, and the Ion Piledriver variant, do we need to get brightly colored sequined spandex flight suits (and possibly also feather boas) in order to be properly dressed for GSF SMACKDOWN!?
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