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Also worth noting that at least for the initial two shots this should work with any cannon comb to get a "bonus" first shot.
True, but getting the occasional set of two shots mostly simultaneously mostly seems like a nice bonus of the ship, and less like a purpose built technique. Your gain is also smaller when you are talking about the small per-shot damage of rapids or hull ions.

With the timing Ion cannon should also be a usable substitute for Quads, though you'd want to stick with HLCs once the target's shield arc got down to the damage done by one HLC shot.
It's more complex than that- for instance, you would probably prefer to land two ions and a heavy versus one ion and one heavy, regardless of their shield state, especially if the heavy will fire at the same time in both cases. Maybe someone will do that kind of analysis on the fly and have good results.

One interesting thing is if you are using quads and ions, you can go into a pattern where you fire, swap, fire, and then repeat that the moment you see another shot go off. I didn't spend a lot of time on this setup, but the rotation is pretty simple because the quads and ions both have the same rate of fire. I think it is less damage though.

The problem with ions is that you basically lose access to the rotation when you are on hull. Given the monster shield dps ions do, and the tiny hull dps, you are not going to gain as much by doing it. With Audson's technique, you have a good amount of shield damage from the heavies already, and your dps when you break through to hull is much more lethal. Still, it would probably be worth doing the per-target math, especially if you want to try it out.
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