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It's not that I don't have sympathy for players with connection issues (we have players in our guild that sometimes get DC). But at the end of the day, it isn't incumbent on me to waste my game time waiting to see IF someone reconnects. That's not to say we won't ever wait at all, but at the end of the day you have to see things from the other point of view:

I just don't have the time to deal with players who are constantly disconnecting or who disconnect and take 10 mins to get back. I don't think it's your fault, I'm not trying to point fingers and assign blame... It just is what it is.
Constant connection issues and 10 min to get back is another thing.
Therefor i will only consider this timelock of a "few min" afther a certain point in the FP so the group can have some idea if the connection of the others are stable enough and certainly not a 10 min timelock, and if that will ever be considered then it should ofcourse only apply once to that player, if the same player DC's within 2 min afther getting back well then ofcourse his "few min" to not be able to kick no longer apply.

It should not be aimed for people with connection issues of any kind but merely at 'average' player that can allways have a DC at some point and becaus of the games mechanic are forced to have a full restart of the game wich can take several min instead of the +/- 1 min that i was used to in previous MMO's that ive played.