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01.12.2012 , 01:33 AM | #1
Not sure if anyones encountered this bug yet..

This one was particularly frustrating cause we had gotten the strategy down, Gotten the flow of the fight pretty solid and we could never get into the final phase cause once we got all 4 cores down the fight would bug out each time. We spent a good 2 hrs just working on this ight along trying to get it to finish but the bugs prevented us every step of the way.

One example of this would be after the fight bugged out we would reset the boss by wiping the group or running out of the Flashpoint.

When we would restart the fight we would instantly start off in Phase 2. (Missles with big green bullseye on the ground, and Laser single targetting people.)

Or another bug would be we would start the fight and the crane laser would go active however no turrets would start up which made it impossible for us to continue into the fight.

This occured MULTIPLE times for us....

Finally it got to the point where the entire party was just so demotivated due to the bug that we just gave up.

Anyone else encounter any bugs like this? or encounter this particular bug?

We did submit a ticket.