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04.19.2019 , 02:52 PM | #10
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I'd like to see a scope type item/bonus ......
I would too. I know will sound OP, but Musco did say we should go crazy and that the team could balance it out.

So, I propose a scoping tactical item that allows Marksman/Sharpshooters (or any sniper really) the ability to scope out like a GSF gunship/or the Macobinoculars to just hit a target at extreme range. The sniper/slinger would have to actually score a hit on a target as the GSF gunship does. I think the sniper would then feel like an actual sniper. I also think this would add more tactical complexity to fights . Both sides would have snipers/gunslingers with this ability to even out pvp play (in theory, barring matchup mixtures), AND of course you know the devs would implement interesting enemies to fight against in pve.