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Most of the hub world cantinas are quite good. The worlds with wars going on, or that are trashed or sparsely populated, will have tiny cantinas.

Also, there aren't that many cross-faction locales aside from the Slippery Slope (Promenade Cantina on Nar Shaddaa). If you don't mind an opulent setting for same-faction, the Club Vertical / Star Cluster casinos are nice, mob-free areas to hang out (altho they don't have jukeboxes or social vendors, they're BIG).

The Nexus Room in Kaas City is fairly big, but personally it's too much like Darth Vader's game room for my tastes.

One other thing about cantina RP: "Racial Tension" (On Empire worlds this is fairly common.)

Pureblood and humans act haughty and pushy, whilst other species get treated like slaves, and/or bullied (Chiss may be accorded some level of respect, but Twi-Lek will hardly ever be). This is part of the SWTOR canon! so be ready for it, and if you're comfy playing a forced submissive role, have fun with it. That said, players of Sith and Human characters really SHOULD try not to bully or godmode their way around. No one 'wins' with RP god-mode turned on.

Also.. if you're meeting someone... it doesn't have to be the cantina. Everyone goes thru the spaceports at some point... or you can hang out in the market, maybe near a vendor stall, and play off of that.

And lastly... those with ships can invite up to 3 others to join them for more... ahem... 'private' roleplay. I would ask that any ERP be done in this setting, as public lewdness (aside from dancing, flirting/pickup attempts, or slaves 'attending' their master/mistress) would probably draw disapproving stares, as well as complaints to Bioware customer service.
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