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I haven't log in since last week, and as I understand from this thread they have sh#!@ even more on sins now.
I bet they want us to go play with PTs in the corner.

They added a .25s GCD to pStride... which wouldn't be an issue (IMHO) IF it didn't also make it respect the normal GCD (if you use an ability, you have to wait a GCD to use pStride.

For Tanks, this means our opener goes from Pull>Stride>shock to pull [GCD]>Stride [miniGCD]> shock, giving us more than a GCD between the first two threat generating moves (pull/shock). It's annoying as hell and most people I've spoken to say we'll likely have to revert to the 2.0 opener which eats one of our DCD's as a gap closer.

For Deception, that means you're lowering your APM by using pStride (which you need to use rotationally, for the few post I've seen here that apparently post without actually playing the class) and have to fight muscle memory like crazy.

Tests have already also shown that this "fix" fixes nothing of the normal over/undershoooting issues or basically 18 of the D20 roll possibilities when using pStride.

The only reason we're not sure yet if it fixes getting launched into space (which it shouldn't, as that thing is usually caused by angles and not ability overlap AFAIK) is because the launch is so rare that you can't really rule it out just because it hasn't happened yet. I'm fully expecting to hear within the next week or two that someone gets launched though, and that this was all just to screw with our class XD