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Is anyone else finding crew skills becoming less and less useful? I'm leveling so fast that if I complete a few FP's I'm getting better gear and not out-leveling my created gear?

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SWTOR Crew Skill Guide Links 4.0

Has links to numerous 4.0 Crew Skill guides, Spreadsheets and Tables from multiple sources.

If your having a hard time looking for 4.0 Crew Skill guides this may be a good place to look.


If you come across any good 4.0 Crew Skill - Guides or Resources please add it to the sheet.

You can also leave a reply here with the information or send it to me @:

and I will be happy to add it for you.

Remember it's a community effort, the more all of us share the more we all benefit.

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To all the wonderful people that make guides, spreadsheets and other tools for SWTOR.
Please drop a link to your Crew Skill Guide / Tools here so I can add it to the sheet or feel free to add it to the spreadsheet your self. This will also alert people that subscribe to this post anytime a new Crew Skill guide has been added to the forms and the project.

SWTORCGR Moderators Needed.
If anyone wants to help out with the maintenance and betterment of this project please contact me and I can add you as a collaborator with full Edit functions.

To everyone, suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. If you have any suggestions on improving the project or want to see something added let us know.

Subscribing to this post:
Hopefully once people get used to this sticky and the SWTORCGR project, if People that create the guides and tools reply here with a link or update messages, all the people that subscribe to this post would instantly be notified when new guides have been added.