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11.24.2019 , 08:59 AM | #9770
So yesterday I rant into quite a hilarious situation in Traitor Among the Chiss on Master Mode, I won't mention which server or the people who were involved but I was tanking, with a ranged DPS, a melee DPS and a Healer. We all phased in and everyone stayed put until I stealthed the first boss, first boss was a bit of a pain.

The melee DPS kept attacking the other Tank droids and nobody was focus-targeting just one, it was all over the place. We still managed to get through it at the end but it made me question whether or not people knew the mechanics. Roll in Syndic Zenta and the entire thing starts to fall apart, I pull normally thinking they might realize the mechanics... until Syndic goes up and the healer alongside the melee DPS stay down and just the ranged DPS follow me. Needless to say I eventually die as the Healer isn't doing their job because they're too busy not going up.

After we die I ask what the hell was up with that and the Healer says they haven't done this Flashpoint yet and had only been playing for 3 days, I say "Why the hell didn't you said you were new then so we could explain the mechanics", cue said healer downplaying the whole thing by sarcastically typing "Master Mode", "Hard Mode" after I explain this Flashpoint is actually hard so you need to know the mechanics for it. The melee DPS also says he hasn't done it, I then proceed to explain the mechanics of the fight and the healer leaves. We get another healer pretty quickly and I quickly give her a refresher about the fight, she did pretty well despite our next pull having us die because our melee DPS didn't followed the mechanics as he hadn't found where the boss is after she drops down again. Cue the ranged DPS leaving and we getting another DPS and me explaining the mechanics again, we die again because the melee DPS didn't got up before Syndic electrifies the area... cue the healer leaving and me afterwards.

TLDR: Unexperienced players join one of the hardest Flashpoints and don't let anybody know that they're actually new, one of them is actually open to learning the mechanics even if they didn't followed it properly while the other just left as soon as I started to explain it.
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