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THIS! So much THIS! If I had a penny for each HS run...VT or MM where the Tank insists on pulling every single group of mobs around the corner, I'd be rich. I mean I promise you that those 6 weak droids won't wipe out our entire group and neither will those 3 strong advozsec.
I play characters that when running Flashpoints are built for strong AOEf, not to pick them off mobs one by one - and many packs even in HS are spread too far apart, which are generally the ones pulled around a corner.

Pull the bigger packs into a small group and I can kill them all in a couple of GCDs.

I agree that worrying about LOSing stuff like the weak-ish droids right before the scavenging skip drill is silly though.

But I've had it with idiots that run out or stand out just far enough on big pulls that instead of being able to hit all the mobs, I end up wasting cool downs and only kill half the trash, then have to kill of the rest of the ranged one by one as they are spread all over the place.

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But itís the true genius Shadow/Sin tanks that LoS, get them all in a nice tight bunch for AoE . . . and then knock them all out of it again.
Overload for the win - and yeah, that annoys me to no end as well lol.