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Now I get personally attacked for this great, wonderful. All I did was go to the list of disallowed peopleand then to the "most powerful" lists. Found the guys highest on the list that werent banned. Just so Happens Kun is the one highest on the Force uer list that is also highest on the Saber list, that was all.

GM Luke would lose 2v1 against Revan and Surik, no doubt in my mind. Most Force users can take out an AT-AT heck Luke did so in Episode 5 BEFORE his training with Yoda. Heck most spec forces members can take out 1 AT-AT with the right circumstances.

I Dont recall Luke ever fighting 100 people. That seems way over blown and BS. I also dont recall this "star destroyer take down with TK" I remember him moving a mini black hole but he didnt go around doing that all the time he didnt move it very far, and technically the Vong were some what moving it as well.

Welk (some one people basically have listed as a nobody) was able to power through his force push thanks to throwing his body weight into it and his strength in the force as well, of course he was off balanced by a light force pull but that was the side effect of him plowing through the push, but again Luke isnt all powerful.

My battle is against EVERYTHING that is overblown it just so happens OR is the most common with this, with the whole "sorcery" thing.

I do find it funny I am sitting here claiming "GM Luke isnt really that powerful that he cant be debated" and "well look the next highest up those lists is Exar Kun why isnt he a problem 1v1 he should be able to beat ANY ONE ELSE" Gets turned into me saying "NJO SMASH, NJO STRONGEST THERE IS"???? I just said Kun an OR character should be able to beat in single combat anyone on or off the lists.... so????
The top members of the REAL Most Powerful List are all banned, funnily enough that list informed by decision.

I don't even need to check to know that Exar Kun is not close to Luke Skywalker in anything.

Anyway, perhaps there is an argument to be made that Revan and Surik can defeat Luke. But considering they'd supposedly struggle with Horn and Saba, and considering Luke's own abilities. I personally doubt it. I am not prepared to convince myself, nor do I have the patience to convince others, that your claim is true - so it's best not to try.

I'm afraid that's where this discussion ends, I respect your viewpoint, but it's not a change I'm prepared to make and at this rate this discussion is only going to turn increasingly sour, so I suggest we put a lid on it.