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As a tank BH that PVP's with the Iron Fist spec you are way wrong. Granted I do put up some nice numbers, it's no where near full dps. Also QQ more.
Yea right now, you dont put up the numbers a full dps would, but once the nerfs go live you will.

As AP I can rarely get 300k, my current max is 320k damage
as Pyrotech I can do rarely 450k, my current max is 570k damgae (Mind you Ive seen marauders surpass this.)
As Shieltech (Iron Fist) I can do 280k, and my current max 340k dmg.

Lets be generous and say AP gets a 10% damage buff, from the changes, Still the difference doesnt justify the respec. Now for poor Pyro the nerf is hard, checkout the math:

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Napkin math incoming!

I'm assuming a spec without TD.
When I write "attack" I mean Flame Burst or Rocket Punch.

Currently the expected number of attacks needed to proc PPA is around 3 (best case scenario is around 2.83, worst case is around 3.33). A 4-GCD rotation consisting of 3 attacks and 1 PPA-boosted Rail Shot lands at +10 heat every 6 seconds. Without any downtime, this is not sustainable. Weaving in one Rapid Shots in every rotation changes the heat increase to +2.5 heat every 7.5 seconds. Vent Heat can easily cover that heat gain.

In 1.2, the expected number of attacks needed to proc PPA is around 2 (best case scenario is around 1.89, worst case is around 2.22). The two first GCDs after using Rail Shot are 'lost', so a total of around 4 GCDs are needed to proc PPA. This becomes a 5-GCD rotation consisting of 2 attacks, 1 PPA-boosted Rail Shot, and 2 more abilities. We see that if one attack and one Rapid Shots is chosen, this becomes the exact same rotation as above, resulting in the same manageable heat gain, +2.5 heat every 7.5 seconds.

The rotation in 1.2 should perform approximately as well as the current rotation on a target dummy over an extended period of time.

However, any fight that has downtime will allow for more aggressive heat usage, which should favor the current rotation.

Yea Im panicking and with good reason.
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Just wonderin how AP is lookin pvp wise
Could be worse