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1.2 Changes: They destroyed Pyrotech's RNG mechanism giving it a timer, while giving AP a snare and a almost guaranteed RS crit every 15 secs.

Now with all these ****** changes what I have realized? Shieldtech still vents heat reliably every 6 secs, like AP, it has awesome survivability, the best utility, and one of the best mobility (slightly less than AP). Combine that with already decent damage My guess, Tank Bounty Hunters will do almost as much dps as their dps counter-parts.

Thank You Bioware for breaking the Game!

(On another note: I have been looking through the PTS notes, for the much awaited changes to Tanking stats, did they do it? or is tanking stats like defense, shield, and absobtion still THAT bad?)
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Just wonderin how AP is lookin pvp wise
Could be worse