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I remember that, too. I believe Eric admitted it in a gold post a while ago. Not only do they know that the game gets gobbled up by quick-to-unsub locusts, but a lot of their planning for future content is catered to those people almost directly in opposition to the people who stick around between content releases.
That's good to know. I too have been thinking of taking a break until the release of Onslaught. Maybe I'm just not a long term MMO player though I've already played for several months this year.

I've recently bought some collectible lightsabers and ever since I haven't had the same motivation to log in and play. So, that's been filling my Star Wars needs. Maybe I just don't like the sound/look of my main character's lightsaber. The one I'm actually swinging around seems more enticing.

Now for what I'd like implemented (rather than what is stated in the OP) is a random mission generator.

Let's say they put in a terminal on a planet. You go to this terminal, maybe pick a few options and voila the game creates an objective (perhaps in an instance) with most likely a bunch of enemies to fight and a boss type at the end. Maybe you can even pick the enemies in the mission. It could be droids, troopers, gangsters, Force-users, Mandalorians, creatures - you name it. There could also be different types of missions, maybe they're not all just murder simulators.

Infinite Star Wars content for the locusts.