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Helly Guyver3.

As an "All Time Fan" of Juggernauts and Guardians in PvP I just want to say GG and HF.

As you seem to want feedback my first one would be get to level 70, so you get all the "Utility Points". After that I would want to say get a "Mouse" and adjust its' sensitivity to 400 CPI and in-game "Camera Rotation Speed" to 0%.

After that the Quickbars are the n1 key to success and I recommend doing quickbar 1 - 3 with the follwowing keybinds.

a for strafe left and d for strafe right. Shift + Space bar for Jump and Space bar for nearest target.

Quickbar 1.
1 2 3 4 5 6 "Scroll Up" c q e Shift+Q and Shift+E

Quickbar 2.
Tab, r, t, y, f, g, h, Shift+C, x, b, n, m

Quickbar 3.
Mouse 4, Mouse 5, SHIFT + Mouse 4, Shift + Mouse 5, -, -, Shift + Mouse Down, -, -,Shift + B, Shift +N, -