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Love the videos! There's been a lack of these voiced-over guides for SWTOR's operations. You are easy to understand, the video quality is superb, and the advice is sound.

My only critique is that the intro runs a bit too long at 30 seconds. I found myself skipping that segment to get to the video proper. That's a minor critique, however.

I believe what you're doing will bring value to the raiding community, and encourage you to submit these videos to popular SWTOR fan sites so that they get the maximum amount of exposure.

Again, great work!
Thanks for that mate. The intro i'll look into shortening. We've had some feedback to that end prior lol if you look at the Annihilation Droid intro compared to Vorgath you'll see we shortened it a good bit. We wanted there to be a tiny bit of an RP element to the intro, if anything just for the fun of it. I'll definitely look into editing it down to a shorter more manageable intro. Thank you for your support and feedback.