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I believe the fight ended in an incredibly lame way, which made little sense.

Also, claiming that Obi Wan won because he had taught Anakin and knew his moves goes both ways, seeing as how Anakin would also know Obi's moves.

Firstly, I think Lucas handled Obi Wan poorly, which is why the last fight made little sense, consdiering how easily Obi Wan was defeated by Dooku both times. This has nothing to do with lore, or anything, just Lucas not having his head straight on.

Secondly, I believe that Anakin's fall to the darkside caused upheaval in his emotions to a point where pure rage took over and thereby introducing a lack of discipline. Also, in his heart, Anakin knew that Obi Wan had nothing to do with his fall to the dark side, and if you ask me, showed regrets of his fall even then, realising he had done something wrong.

By attacking Obi Wan he was not trying to convince Obi that he was doing the right thing, but trying to convince himself. He didn't have his whole heart in it.

NOW! Obi on the other hand, was more experienced, and knew better how to control his emotions, even anger. He did this in episode 1 vs maul, and I believe that he was driven by emotion in the fight vs anakin as well.